UG: Bell Hot Stab
UG: Bell Hot Stab
Diving + Life Support

UG: Bell Hot Stab


Unique Group offers a hot stab unit which is an emergency device located on the side of the bell that permits the interface of a secondary / emergency umbilical line to the bell in the case of a bell separation, allowing life support to be maintained while a rescue is occurring.


Flow range to suit all applications

Designed to suit all industry standards

Offers low insertion and retraction forces

Flexible mounting handles to suit all ROV/Diver applications

Pressure balanced double seal arrangement for any fluid / gas application


Hot Water Port: 1/2″ NPT

Gas Supply Port: 1/2″ NPT & 1/4″ NPT

Electric Supply: power & audio


Used in Suction Piles, Anchors and Caissons

Used in Pressure testing and monitoring, Chemical and gas injection and sampling,Flooding and venting

Used in Buoyancy Modules and Hydraulic control systems

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