UG 300 HDS 15: Single Bell Modular DSV
UG 300 HDS 15: Single Bell Modular DSV
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UG 300 HDS 15: Single Bell Modular DSV

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Unique Group offers 300 HDS 15 is a Single Bell DSV, HD Series Modular DSV System. It is designed as a reliable solution for built-in DSV systems. A fully enclosed saturation dive system with one bell and two SPHLs which is manufactured according to the latest DNV regulations.


Can be easily integrated on purpose-built medium to large DSVs for continuous saturation work scopes.

SPHLs are directly deployed over the side of the vessel making it an easily integrated sat dive system.

Composed of a triple lock 6-man chamber, with a living area fit for 6 people.

The hydraulic systems are our proven DNV-approved, IMCA-compliant winches.

It comes with a full IMCA Audit Package, asset list, and PMS software package.


DNV approved

Weight: 15 and 7.5-ton winch combination


Used for commercial diving applications

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