UG ABS 300HFS-12: 12-man SAT System
UG ABS 300HFS-12: 12-man SAT System
Diving + Life Support

UG ABS 300HFS-12: 12-man SAT System

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Unique Group provides the ABS-certified 300HFS, a 12-man saturation diving system which offers flexible and uncomplicated capacity. It has a compact design with focus on delivering rapid mobilisation and reduced deck footprint – delivered and assembled as a turnkey solution.


Compact design makes it easy for shipping, rapid mobilisation and reduces deck footprint

The chamber system is composed of a separate twin and a triple lock chamber.

The dive and sat control room is fitted within a 40ft ISO container, stacked above the machinery container.

The system layout can be configured for either moon-pool or over-the-side bell deployment.

SPHL incorporated is deployed directly over the side of the vessel making for simple SPHL integration with the system.


ISO container

Height: 40 feet

ABS certified


Commercial diving operations in the subsea ooil & gas industry

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