Mobile Saturation Systems



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Maximize Efficiency in Subsea Projects with Mobile Saturation Systems from Unique Group

The Unique Group offers cutting-edge mobile saturation systems with advanced features and user-friendly designs. These products are suitable for saturation diving projects that require divers to stay underwater for extended periods. Our saturation diving systems provide the requisite support to help divers complete their missions without compromising their safety.

The Unique Group’s mobile saturation systems are quick to deploy and easy to integrate with existing equipment. These solutions ensure flexibility and ease of operations, supporting rapid mobilization during critical projects. 

Our portfolio includes compact 6-man SAT systems with 12 and 18-man HRFs, 9-man SAT systems, and 12-man SAT systems. These products are suitable for varied subsea projects like decommissioning and commercial diving in the oil and gas industry. The Unique Group is the most reliable supplier of mobile saturation systems, providing trustworthy solutions for complex projects. Here’s why numerous clients choose us to source their saturation diving systems:

  • Functional Designs: Our compact 6-man systems are designed with a modular approach, allowing users to upgrade them according to their requirements. Moreover, our 9-man and 12-man SAT systems feature compact design elements that allow rapid mobilization with a minimal deck footprint. These functional design aspects make our products user-friendly and convenient for varied applications.
  • Safety Tested: Our range of saturation diving solutions undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and effective. You can rely on our products for unbeatable diver safety in various conditions. 
  • Low Maintenance: The Unique Group’s mobile saturation systems are robustly built, requiring minimal maintenance in the long run. The low maintenance requirements help users save costs and get more out of their equipment.

Our team of engineers is available to resolve your queries and provide more information about saturation diving equipment. Contact our engineers today to discuss your requirements and know more!