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UG ABS 300HFS-09: 9-man SAT System

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Unique Group supplies ABS 300HFS-09, a 9-man saturation diving system that offers flexibility and uncomplicated capacity through a modular design philosophy. The design focuses on a compact approach for ease of shipping, rapid mobilisation and reduced deck-footprint – all of which is delivered and assembled as a turnkey solution.


Compact approach for ease of shipping, rapid mobilisation, and reduced deck footprint

Easily configured and deployed onboard medium to large DSVs

ISO compliant system

SPHL directly deploys over the side of the vessel, making simple SPHL integration with the system


Main power 400 KVA

Emergency power 250 KVA

Saltwater – diver 6 m3 / hr

Saltwater – cooling 20 m3 / hr

Potable water 2 m3 / hr

1 x HP air compressor

2 x gas transfer pumps

1 x secondary power distribution pane


Commercial diving operations in the subsea ooil & gas industry

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