UG 300HRF 3L-24: 24-man Triple-lock Hyperbaric Reception Facility
UG 300HRF 3L-24: 24-man Triple-lock Hyperbaric Reception Facility
Diving + Life Support

UG 300HRF 3L-24: 24-man Triple-lock Hyperbaric Reception Facility

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Unique Group offers 300HRF 3L-24, a single and triple-lock saturation system diving chamber complex that can act as a dual 24-man HRF, fitted inside a support frame and supported by a combined HRF Saturation Control and Machinery module.


The painted steel frame is used primarily for protection during transportation and also serves as the mounting platform for any type of SPHL support base.

Support module (a combined saturation control and machinery area) is housed in a 20′ ABS freight container.

HRF dive chamber is able to receive an SPHL, with a bottom mating trunk, via a custom TUP mating spool and clamp arrangement (not included in standard scope of supply).

Device receives an HRC via an end-mate (or even a side-mate) custom spool and clamp arrangement.


1 x Triple-lock chamber (300m seawater depth; Twinlock; ASME VIII Div 1 and ABS design rules 2010; locks named Lock I, Lock II – 12-man capacity per lock, 6 bunks & 6 seats each and a TUP – wet-pot with 2 seats)

1 x Integral Chamber Support Frame (Built to ABS lifting standards and conforms dimensionally to ISO 6346:1995 as a Type 45GO size code – 40 foot High Cube Dry Container. The frame is fitted with external lighting for the chamber complex.)

1 x HRF Sat Control & Machinery Container (Mounted in a 20′ ABS freight container. Supplied with modified corner casting to provide slinging points at each top corner. The container is thermally insulated. Machinery includes the main EDB; 2 x Environmental Control Units – ECU 200; a Fixed Chamber Fire Fighting System – internal deluge; 1 x potable water unit and a Waste Water System. UPS units are supplied for the SAT control systems.)

All connecting “umbilicals” and power cables (Connect the Chamber Complex to the HRF SAT Control and Machinery Container.)


Used for offshore hyperbaric and rescue operations

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