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Advanced Hyperbaric Reception Facilities from the Unique Group

At the Unique Group, we specialize in state-of-the-art solutions to enhance safety, performance, and efficiency in underwater projects. Our hyperbaric reception facilities (HRF) are designed to rescue and support divers, facilitating safe decompression and recovery after critical missions. 

HRFs are essential to saturation diving operations, providing the requisite care and support for divers. Our hyperbaric reception facilities are utilized for offshore hyperbaric applications or rescue operations. Each HRF is a piece of specialized equipment capable of receiving hyperbaric rescue capsules (HRCs) and self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats (SPHLs). As a result, each of our HRFs can help rescue divers and provide them with the necessary support.

The Unique Group’s extensive portfolio of saturation diving systems includes state-of-the-art HRFs that safeguard divers in critical situations. We have two variants of hyperbaric reception facilities for different use conditions. You can choose between our 12-man HRF and our 24-man triple-lock HRF for supporting your deep-sea expeditions and projects. We are the most trusted providers of hyperbaric reception facilities in the market. Here are the reasons why countless clients have placed their faith in us while procuring their HRFs:

  • Best-in-Class Features: Our HRFs incorporate advanced features to enhance safety, efficiency, and reliability during rescue operations. They are engineered to deliver unmatched performance in harsh conditions.
  • Cost-Effective Options: Our collection of saturation diving systems includes cost-effective HRFs that are affordable and long-lasting. Our competitive costs make us the preferred solution for numerous clients.
  • Industry-wide applications: Our HRFs are suitable for offshore hyperbaric applications across multiple industries. They are highly versatile, meeting high-performance standards in varied situations.

Unique Group has a team of experienced engineers and specialists who can guide you as you choose and deploy HRF solutions. Contact our experts today to get more information!