UG CH180-36: Chiller Heater Master System
UG CH180-36: Chiller Heater Master System
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UG CH180-36: Chiller Heater Master System

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Unique Group offers the CH180-36, a chiller heater plant that serves as a master hot and cold water plant for a saturation diving system’s various regen units. A hot water circuit and a cold water circuit are included in the CH180-36.


The cold water circuit includes a 180kBTU water cooled chiller, volume tank, supply water pump and controls.

The hot water circuit includes a 36kW electrical emersion heater, volume tank and water supply pump and controls.

A typical installation will include two CH180-36 chiller heater plants acting as main and standby.

Each heater plant can be installed with a chiller heater control rack in sat control.


L: 1720 mm, W: 1174 mm, H: 1800 mm

Heating System: 36 kW, Cooling System: 52.5 kW, 180 000 BTU

Interface: 2 × 1½” 4 bolt ANSI 150 flange

Supply Water Flow Rate: 1801 pm

Seawater Cooling Water Flow Rate: 2201 pm


Used in commercial diving operations

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