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UG PWU 200-2: Potable Water Unit

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Unique Group’s PWU 200-2 is a state-of-the-art solution for providing fresh water to hyperbaric chamber divers. The unit features a 10” 20 micron filter that filters out solid particles from the incoming water and two 72 litre geysers, each with a 6kW heating element that enables the supply of hot water to the occupants of the hyperbaric chambers.


Fitted with mechanical over temperature cut-out switch as a safety mechanism

Automatic pumps controlled by means of variable frequency drives using pressure transducers and a digital controller

Two 72 litre geysers

Includes an accumulator that removes the pulsation of the triplex pump

Includes a 10” 20 micron filter


Power requirements: 15 kW, 440V, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 35A

Water delivery rate per pump: 11 lpm (±5%) @ 40 Bar

Hot water set point: 60 deg C

Typical outlet temp. range: 55 deg C

Geyser Volume: 72l per geyser


Designed to enable divers to shower and wash their hair before entering a hyperbaric chamber.

The Water Unit is the essential element for supplying water to the occupants of a hyperbaric chamber.

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