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UG ECU 101: LSP Support Environmental Control Unit

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Unique Group LSP System’s ECU 101 Environmental Control Unit is a compact and lightweight unit designed for use in the harsh environment of a decompression chamber. The system keeps the temperature, humidity, and pressure in the chamber under control.


All refrigeration pipework is insulated and protected

Manually controllable hot and cold water supply

2 x 6kW Electrical heating elements

Stainless Steel heat exchanger

Equipped with a 48 000 BTU chiller


Length: 730mm

Width: 639mm

Height: 1870mm

Main Electrical Supply: 330/440VAC, 3 Ph, 50/60Hz – 40A max.

2 x 6kW Electrical heating elements


The purpose of the ECU 101, LSP Support Environmental Control Unit is to provide temperature control and humidity control inside a chamber space.

These controllers feed signals to an external control unit which in turn chills or heats water temperature when required.

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