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Environmental Control Solutions for Saturation Diving from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a comprehensive range of environmental control equipment for saturation diving operations. Our Environmental Control equipment is designed to provide divers with a safe and comfortable environment while working in extreme underwater conditions. Our equipment in the professional diving unit includes Environmental Control Systems, LSP Support Environmental Control Units, Potable Water Units, and Mag Regeneration Gas Blowers.

At Unique Group, we prioritize safety and quality, and all our Environmental Control equipment is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure reliability and durability. Our team of diving specialists and engineers can help you choose the right Environmental Control equipment to meet your specific needs. Wondering what makes our environmental control systems the best in the industry? Here you go!

  • Built for durability and safety: All our environmental control systems are designed according to the industry standards for safety. At Unique Group, we also understand that our environmental control equipment is designed for working in some of the most critical situations, which is why we focus on durability discerningly. 
  • Industry-grade applications: Our comprehensive range of environmental control units can be used to provide temperature and humidity control in a chambered space. They can be used to feed signals to an external control unit that heats or chills water temperature when necessary. 
  • Clever design: Diving equipment like the environmental regeneration system consists of a rock-solid skid/ frame within an ergonomic cabinet with hatches for access. The system is intended to circulate gas internally from the chamber environment through a scrubber. 

At Unique Group, we believe in transparency as much as we prioritize our product quality. All our equipment is designed keeping in mind the individual needs of our esteemed clientele. The prices are reasonable, and the best part is our team of diving specialists and engineers offers unparalleled customer support.