UG RGB 350: Mag Regeneration Gas Blower
UG RGB 350: Mag Regeneration Gas Blower
Diving + Life Support

UG RGB 350: Mag Regeneration Gas Blower

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Unique Group offers RGB 350 Mag Regeneration Gas Blower, a stand-alone, powerhouse that provides a reliable replacement to the industry. The instrument is suitable for pond aeration and water extraction in the marine industry.


Provides reliable replacement to the industry.

Requires low maintenance and offers high efficiency, which is hermetically sealed.

The motor for the blower lies external to the pressure system and drives the blower via a magnetic coupling.

It is controlled by the variable speed drive provided in an enclosure with the unit.

Incorporated magnetic coupling, ensures chamber gas is not exposed to the expelled heat.


Class Approved: DNV/ ABS on request.

Design Pressure: 35 bar (g)

Pressure Housing Design Code: ASME VIII Div 1(U-Stamped)

Chamber Circulation Flow Rate: Controllable up to 150m3/h: dependant on pressure head across blower

Noise Level: Below 65dB


Used by marine experts for soil vapour extraction in landfill sites.

The device is suitable for sewage aeration in the water treatments.

The RGB 350 Mag Regeneration Gas Blower is used in the agriculture sector for pond aeration.

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