Lifeboat + Gangway Testing



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The safest way to proof load test lifeboats and gangways

WATER WEIGHTS® have developed flexible testing solutions for all life saving appliances and personnel access equipment. Choose the world’s preferred test bags for lifeboat, gangway, and davit testing.

When you need a safe, fast, simple, and accurate way to test your lifeboat, with no need for personnel to be in the craft, Water Weights is the obvious choice. Our lifeboat testing system is an extremely safe and simple method of proof load testing.

With an increased demand for specialised equipment for load testing of gangways and accommodation ladders, we have adapted redesigning our existing cylindrical water bags to meet the requirements for this purpose. Our bags fit the most common gangways and accommodation ladders in the market.

The simple, and accurate way to test davit

For static and dynamic davit testing, WATER WEIGHTS® water filled proof load bags allow gradual filling so you can spot potential problems prior to the proof load condition. Water provides 98% of the weight at full load – so empty bags are light and easy to handle, transport and store.

Why Water Weights’ test weight bags?

Water Weights’ test weight bags provide a secure, effective and ultimately economical method for lifeboat, gangway, and davit load testing. By choosing our test weight bags, you can be assured of the following:

Extremely Safe

A control manifold and pumping system are used to fill and drain the water bags, this allows proof load testing to be conducted safely and negates the need for personnel to be in the craft whilst undergoing proof load test.

Light and Easy

Our bags are light and easily positioned for an evenly distributed test load. At full load, only 2% of the weight belongs to the bags – empty bags are light and easy to handle, transport and store.


Loading is measured and verified by means of a calibrated flowmeter.


Our test weights are made using high-performance structural fabric canopy, providing excellent strength and integrity.


Faster filling and draining times ensure that you can save both time and money.

Discover other load test products

Get in touch with us today to discuss our selection of test weight bags. Our range is extensive so you’re sure to find a solution that can cater to your equipment and structural load testing needs. In the event that you require a more tailored solution, we can also provide more bespoke test weights.