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High-Quality Vessels and Vehicles for Underwater Surveys and Operations

At Unique Group, we specialise in offering vessels and vehicles for survey in subsea operations and offshore survey. Our ROVs, survey vessels in this category can be used for underwater filmmaking, professional cinematography, ultra-deep tow fish tracking, etc. With reliable and efficient performance, our vessels and vehicles are designed to meet the demands of a range of underwater applications, including offshore oil and gas operations, marine research, and more. Being an industry leader, our selection of vessels and vehicles includes top-quality options from leading manufacturers such as Saab Seaeye and BoxFish.

The Boxfish ROV is an actively stabilised underwater ROV ideal for research in our vessels and vehicles. It delivers 20 MP photos and 4K live video from depths of up to 1,000m with latency near zero. With two crew members on board, the portable and lightweight vehicle is easily piloted, has pilot assistance functions, and can be deployed manually. Up to eight sensors can be integrated into the system. Additionally capable of autonomous operations, Boxfish ROV enables clients to update for autonomous operations. On the other hand, the Boxfish Luna offers operators the most control, versatility, and convenience in the industry and establishes a revolutionary new benchmark for professional underwater filmmaking. Utilising cutting-edge full-frame photography from the Sony 1* or Sony A7S III camera and a precise optical dome, this next-generation cinematography drone enables cinematographers to capture underwater environments in stunning detail.

Our vessels and vehicles are the best in the industry for the following reasons: 

  • Advanced Technology: Our vessels and vehicles are equipped with advanced technology to ensure reliable and efficient performance in challenging underwater environments, with options such as the Boxfish Luna: Underwater Cinematography Drone and Saab Seaeye Panther-XT Plus: ROV.
  • Versatility: Our selection of vessels and vehicles is versatile, with options for various applications and environments, from shallow waters to deep-sea operations.
  • Experienced Service: We offer experienced service and support for our vessels and vehicles, with a team of experts ready to help you select and integrate the right equipment for your needs.

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