Boxfish Alpha: Superior ROV for Inspection
Boxfish Alpha: Superior ROV for Inspection
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Boxfish Alpha: Superior ROV for Inspection


A reliable and versatile best-in-class ROV for asset inspection and light intervention work at depths of up to 300m. Customised to optimise functionality but reduce cost, Boxfish Alpha delivers 4K live video, 20MP stills, 6x true 4K zoom, 3-12 hours power endurance, and is upgradeable with up to three sensors. Boxfish Alpha is also autonomous-capable, allowing customers to upgrade for autonomous operations in the future.


A lightweight and portable ROV that can be set up and deployed in minutes with a team of just two people

Eight 3D-vectored thrusters give true six degrees of freedom of movement to ease work and viewing

Dynamic stabilisation for easy control of the ROV, even in significant currents

Simple to maintain with a low total cost of ownership

A powerful high-CRI lighting system



Two cameras – a primary large sensor 4K camera and a reverse 180-degree wide-angle camera

Pressure vessel material: Hard anodised aluminium alloy

L/W/H: 714mm / 435mm / 351mm

Weight (salt water ballast installed): 24kg

Depth rating: 300m (984ft)


Submerged asset inspection and maintenance

Search and Rescue (SAR) and recovery


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