Boxfish Luna: Underwater Cinematography Drone
Boxfish Luna: Underwater Cinematography Drone
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Boxfish Luna: Underwater Cinematography Drone


The Boxfish Luna sets a revolutionary new standard in professional underwater cinematography, giving operators maximum control, flexibility and convenience. This next-generation cinematography drone utilises advanced full-frame imaging from the Sony A7SIII or Sony ⍺1* camera and a precision optical dome to enable filmmakers to capture underwater environments with brilliant clarity.


Easy-to-use surface console gives complete control of lighting and camera position during filming.

Monitor underwater footage in real-time on the console’s 17″ 4K UHD display

Designed to provide fine control for precise movements to achieve steady shots.

With eight 3D-vectored thrusters, the Boxfish Luna offers true six-degrees-of-freedom of movement for orienting itself in any direction.

Deploy within minutes of arriving on site, all manageable by a two person team.



Pressure vessel material: Hard anodised aluminium alloy

Dome material: Glass 10″ or Acrylic 8″

L/W/H: 714mm / 435mm / 351mm

Weight (acrylic dome, salt water ballast installed): 25kg

Depth rating: 500m, with glass dome limited to 80m, optional 1000m


Professional cinematography

Underwater filmmaking

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