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Edgetech 2050 DSS: Combined Side Scan Sonar and Sub Bottom Profiler

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Unique Group offers EdgeTech’s 2050 DSS which integrates the side scan sonars and sub-bottom profilers into one system which is a tri-frequency side scan sonar system, where any two operator selectable frequencies can be operated simultaneously.


Fully integrated turnkey system.

Digital telemetry over single coaxial tow cable up to 6,000 m.

Choice of side scan and sub-bottom frequencies.

Built-in heading, pitch and roll sensors.

Modular design allows easy integration on to ROV.


Side scan sonar available frequency: 120/410/850 kHz or 230/540/850 kHz.

Sub-bottom profiler frequency band: 2-16 kHz.

Sub-bottom profiler resolution: 6-10 cm.

Towfish length x width: 145 cm x 74 cm.

Towfish maximum water depth: 2,000 m.


Cable and pipeline surveys.

Geological, geophysical, archeological and geographical surveys.

Marine construction surveys.

Sediment classification.

Scour/Erosion investigation.

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