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EdgeTech 3200/3100: X Star Full Spectrum Digital SBP

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The EdgeTech 3200 High Penetration Sub-bottom Profiling System is a wide band Frequency Modulated (FM) sub bottom profiler utilizing EdgeTech’s proprietary Full Spectrum CHIRP technology. The 3200 generates high resolution images of the sub bottom stratigraphy in oceans, lakes, and rivers and provides penetration of up to 200m.


Offers a choice of 3 towfish depending on the application.

Has a low frequency for greater penetration.

Pole mount option for shallow water survey.

The selection of towfish depends on the sub-bottom characteristics as the resolution and penetration requirements.

Comes with the topside processor running EdgeTech’s DISCOVER sub-bottom acquisition and processing software.


Hardware: Standard 19 inch rack mount with portable aluminium enclosure for transport

Operating system: Windows® 7

Display: High-resolution 21-inch flat panel display

Archive: Hard drive and/or DVD-R/W

File format: Native JSF or SEG-Y


Geological Surveys

Geohazard Surveys

Sediment Classification

EEZ Resource Development

Buried Object Location

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