Knudsen 3212: Overside Pinger Chirp Echosounder SBP
Knudsen 3212: Overside Pinger Chirp Echosounder SBP
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Knudsen 3212: Overside Pinger Chirp Echosounder SBP

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Pinger is designed specifically for shallow water sub bottom profiling (as shallow as 4m and up to 300m in ideal conditions) and is intended for a simple over the side pole mount installation. The Pinger Wet End includes two separate interchangeable projectors – a low frequency 3.5 kHz projector for hard packed sand bottom and a 15 kHz projector for soft mud sediment sonar profiling – plus a broadband hydrophone receive array. A 200 kHz transducer is also included which provides a reference point as to where the bottom begins. This allows a wide variety of practical applications, including geophysical sediment research, harbour shoreline construction, and hazardous pond pollution monitoring.


15 kHz or 3.5 kHz sub bottom transmit arrays.

200kHz echo sounding correlation (Chirp) processing.

Heave compensated records.

SEG Y data recording

A rack mounted dual frequency unit that is controlled by proprietary SounderSuite software allowing high quality sub bottom data acquisition via a familiar user interface.


  • Number of Channels: 2
  • Frequency Range (Channel 1): 3.5 kHz/15 kHz
  • Frequency Range (Channel 2): 210 kHz
  • Max Depth: 300m
  • Input Voltage: 24V DC
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 100W
  • Output Power (Channel 1): up to 2kW
  • Output Power (Channel 2): up to 1kW
  • System Package: Portable Splashproof case
  • Dimensions(mm): 488 x 386 x 185
  • Weight (Dry End): 10.5 kg
  • Weight (Wet End): 21 kg
  • Interface(s): USB 2.0 Fullspeed


Simultaneous overside pole mounted sub bottom profiling and single beam echo sounding

Dredge support

Inland waterway surveys

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