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Innomar SES-2000 Medium-100: Parametric Sub Bottom Profiler

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The Innomar SES-2000 medium-100 sub-bottom profiler acquires full-waveform data (24 bit) that can be processed with any seismic software (SEG-Y format). Innomar also provides the ISE post-processing software specialized on the Innomar SBP data. It can be either mounted over-the-side or in the hull.


Heave/roll beam stabilisation.

SLF full waveform data acquisition (sub-bottom data) / Innomar “RAW” data format.

24 bit SLF full waveform data acquisition / Innomar “SES3” data format.

Multi-ping mode for maintaining a high pulse rate in deep waters.

Multi-frequency signals.


LFM chirp (5 – 15 kHz).

Water depth range: 2 m – 2,000 m below transducer.

Sediment penetration: up to 70 m (depending on sediment type and noise).

Sample/range resolution: <1 cm / up to 5 cm (depending on pulse settings).

Ping rate: up to 40 pings/s.


Offshore surveys.

Geological/geophysical surveys.

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