Innomar Compact: Parametric Sub Bottom Profiler
Innomar Compact: Parametric Sub Bottom Profiler
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Innomar Compact: Parametric Sub Bottom Profiler

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The Innomar “compact” model was designed for inshore surveys in shallow-water down to 400 metres water depth, but can also be used in coastal areas. Because of its small size and weight this system is convenient even on small boats. Controlled via Ethernet using any Windows based PC or laptop it is a user friendly and affordable design, too.

The Innomar “compact” model acquires full-waveform data that can be processed with any seismic software (SEG-Y format). Innomar also provides the ISE post-processing software specialized on the Innomar SBP data.

This model has been first launched as “SES-2000 compact” in 2002, the latest generation has been introduced in 2021.


SLF full waveform data acquisition (sub-bottom data).

Multi-ping mode for maintaining a high pulse rate for water depths more than 50 metres.

Multi-frequency signals and transducer mounting bracket.

Side scan extension (100 kHz; cannot operate simultaneously with SBP).

DC power supply (either built-in or external).


Water depth range: 0.5 – 400 m.

Penetration: up to 40m, depending on sediments.

Layer resolution: up to 5 cm.

Motion compensation: Heave.

Beam width @ 3 dB: ±2° / footprint < 7% of water depth for all frequencies.


Inshore surveys in shallow-water up to to 400 metres water depth.

Coastal surveys.

River, canal or estuary survey.

Hydrographic sediment investigation.

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