Innomar Standard-USV: Sub Bottom Profiler
Innomar Standard-USV: Sub Bottom Profiler
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Innomar Standard-USV: Sub Bottom Profiler

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Unique Group in partnership with Innomar offers the standard-USV model which performs like an Innomar standard and is intended to be used on uncrewed surface vehicles (USV/ASV).
The high ping rate, small footprint and the possibility of transmitting sound pulses over a wide frequency range ensures that the sub-bottom data is collected with excellent resolution and good sediment penetration.

Both of our Drix USV’s use these systems when SBP is required.


Heave & Roll or Heave & Pitch beam stabilisation.

SLF full-waveform data acquisition (sub-bottom data) / Innomar “RAW” data format.

24 bit SLF full waveform data acquisition / Innomar “SES3” data format.

Multi-ping mode for maintaining a high pulse rate in deep waters.

SESWIN basic remote-control via COM / UDP (e.g. line start/stop, line name).


LFM chirp (5 – 15 kHz).

External AC power adapter (100–240 V AC).

Water depth range: 0.5 – 500 m below transducer.

Sediment penetration: up to 50 m (depending on sediment type and noise).

Sample / Range resolution: c. 1 cm / up to 5 cm (depending on pulse settings).


Inshore surveys.

Coastal surveys.

River, canal or estuary survey.

Hydrographic sediment investigation.

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