Knudsen Mini Sounder: Echosounder
Knudsen Mini Sounder: Echosounder
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Knudsen Mini Sounder: Echosounder

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The Mini Sounder, housed in a watertight die-cast aluminum enclosure, has one frequency agile channel within the range of 24-210kHz. The system requires a direct USB connection to the user’s computer. The affordability combined with big system performance of the Mini Sounder make it a great choice for new hydrographic surveyors on limited budgets and/or growing a business.

Although the Mini Sounder runs only one frequency at a time, the Sounder Suite Display and Processing Software allows up to four Mini Sounders to be run simultaneously in the same application software. This real time multi-task feature provides users the ability to run two standard hydrographic frequencies with two KNUDSEN sidescan transducers which monitor for any anomalies along the survey line.


Up to 4 x Mini’s can be daisy chained to create a bespoke multi-channel echosounder.

Frequency agility on all channels

Built-in drivers for all popular GPS

Built-in test signal generator

Compatible with industry standard dataloggers and processing software


Frequency: 24kHz-210kHz

Interface: USB 2.0 Full Speed

Dimensions: 257mm x 158mm x 89mm

Weight: less than 3 kg

Operating Cost: 0-50 degree


Hydrographic surveys

Bathymetric survey

Ideal for quick deployment on small survey platforms in open air environments

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