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Pingers + Chirps Sub-bottom Profilers from Unique Group

Unique Group presents a comprehensive range of Pingers and Chirps, designed for accurate sub-bottom profiling in diverse marine environments. Our collection comprises advanced equipment from leading manufacturers, including EdgeTech, Knudsen, Kongsberg, and Neptune, featuring the latest technology and top-notch performance. Whether you need a combined side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler or a low-frequency transducer, our Pingers and Chirps category has it all.

Our range of Pingers and Chirps includes products like EdgeTech 2000DSS: Combined Side Scan Sonar & Sub-Bottom Profiler, EdgeTech 2300: Combined Side Scan Sonar and Sub-bottom Profiler, EdgeTech 3200/3100: X Star Full Spectrum Digital SBP, EdgeTech 701 DL & STARMUX III: Transceivers, Knudsen CHIRP 3260: Rack Mount Echosounder Systems, Knudsen 3212: Overside Pinger Chirp Echosounder SBP, Kongsberg 5430A/132: Geopulse Pinger System, and Neptune T335: Low-Frequency Transducer. Wondering what makes our Pingers and Chirps the best in the industry? Here you go!

  • Advanced Technology: Our Pingers and Chirps are equipped with advanced features such as Full Spectrum Digital SBP, Overside Pinger Chirp Echosounder SBP, Geopulse Pinger System, and more. These technologies provide high-resolution imaging, precise positioning, and improved signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring accurate sub-bottom profiling and data acquisition.
  • Diverse Applications: Pingers and Chirps from our inventory can be used in various applications, including oil and gas exploration, geophysical surveys, pipeline and cable route surveys, environmental monitoring, archaeological investigations, and more. They are designed to operate in shallow and deep water environments, providing reliable and accurate data for your specific needs.
  • Leading Manufacturers: Unique Group collaborates with leading manufacturers in the industry to offer you the latest and most innovative Pingers and Chirps. Our collection includes equipment from EdgeTech, Knudsen, Kongsberg, and Neptune, renowned for their exceptional performance, reliability, and durability.

Whether you are looking for single piston transducers for sub-bottom profilers or you need a pinger for dredge support or single beam echo sounding for inland waterways, our range of pingers and chirps can always be an excellent choice. Need more information about our product range? Contact our team of engineers and diving specialists now!