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Reliable Deck Communication Systems for Diving from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a variety of deck communication units for onboard diving systems. We have been in the industry for over 25 years and dealing with subsea technologies. We aim to equip curious divers with the right equipment for their subsea endeavors. The dedicated engineers in our team are committed to developing high-quality and safe general diving equipment. All our diving life support systems are designed to meet the diverse requirements of our valuable customers.

Our deck communication for diving mainly provides two products. It includes Clear Com 704: Deck Comms Master Unit and Clear Com KB-702: Deck Comms Slave Unit. The Deck Comms Master Unit is an advanced party-line intercom system. The four-channel intercom system comes with versatile channel access and superior audio quality. It also offers exceptional communication flexibility. The Deck Comms Slave Unit is a remote speaker station that enables the speaker to choose between 2 channels of party-line communication. 

Our diving communication systems are known to be the best for a reason for all the professional divers. Consider the benefits listed below.

  • Flexibility: The Deck Comms Master Unit comes with four independent intercom channels. As a result, it provides the users with ultimate flexibility.
  • Programmable Front-Panel: The front-panel buttons of the Deck Comms Master Unit’s station are programmable. It can be easily customized for several applications and ensures meeting the demands of different marine intercom systems.
  • Easy to Use: The communication systems come with intuitive panel controls. They are easy to operate and can be conveniently used by divers.
  • High-Quality: The communication systems are made from high-quality components and materials. You can be rest assured about the reliability of the systems.

Need a quote or want more information about our deck communication systems for diving? Connect with our experienced communication specialists and get detailed information about the required product.