Clear Com KB-702: Deck Comms Slave Unit
Clear Com KB-702: Deck Comms Slave Unit
Diving + Life Support

Clear Com KB-702: Deck Comms Slave Unit


Unique Group supplies the Deck Comms Slave Unit, a remote speaker station that permits the user to select between 2 channels of party-line communications, with the capability to talk and/or listen on the selected channel. The user can listen via the integral speaker, or may use a headset or telephone-style handset and can talk via a headset microphone, a telephone handset, or a push-to talk microphone.


Selectable two-channel, full-duplex operation.

Microprocessor-controlled logic and switching.

Momentary / latching talk button.

Visual and audible call signalling, with bright LED indicator.

Use with headset or handset, with integral speaker for monitoring.


Width:210mm (8.5”)

Height: 114mm (4.5”)

Depth: 44mm (1.75”)


Deck communication onboard diving systems

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