SP-100D: Surface Buddy Phone
SP-100D: Surface Buddy Phone
Diving + Life Support

SP-100D: Surface Buddy Phone


Unique Group offers the SP-100D, Surface Buddy Phone, a communication device used for communicating from the depth of the sea. Compact in design and has 120 hours of battery life.


Comprises handheld microphone and speakers.

Compact design and suitable to operate on 8AA Alkaline batteries.

Comes with two battery packs, for a long life.


Nominal Range:50m-500m depending on sea

Reference Frequency: 32.768kHz upper single

Audio Bandwidth:300Hz-3000Hz

Automatic Gain control: Greater than 100dB

Transmitter:½ watt

Microphone: Handheld, Push to talk


Commercial diving operations in the subsea oil & gas industry

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