OTS SSB: Surface Accessory Kit
OTS SSB: Surface Accessory Kit
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OTS SSB: Surface Accessory Kit


Unique Group offers Surface Accessory Kit SSB which is designed to enhance the receiver’s performance in the presence of extreme environmental conditions. With all of its characteristics, the kit is an excellent training aid for all divers, whether beginner or experienced.


SSB Surface Accessory Kit provides an excellent source of acoustic energy at a single frequency.

It contains a high-quality dynamic microphone, a powerful speaker.

Composed an interference filter allowing users to significantly improve the intelligibility of target signals.

Features virtually eliminates cross talk and background noise that can be experienced with other systems utilising a single microphone/speaker.

Designed to use 8 AA-cells alkaline batteries (included) or rechargeable Nickel Cadmium rechargeable batteries.

RB-10A (sold separately), for long operating times.


Calm sea: Greater than 1000m

Sea State 6: 100m

Frequency Range: 31kHz – 33kHz

Audio Bandwidth: 300Hz – 4,000Hz

Automatic Gain Control: 120 dB dynamic range


The SSB Surface Accessory Kit is designed for divers who use a compatible dive watch and want to add hands-free communications, with automatic gain control, to their dive equipment.

It comes with a small but powerful transducer that is designed to work on smooth, hard surfaces.

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