DRS-100B: Diver Recall/Hydrophone
DRS-100B: Diver Recall/Hydrophone
Diving + Life Support

DRS-100B: Diver Recall/Hydrophone


Unique Group offers the DRS-100B, Diver Recall/Hydrophone, a unique communication device that maintains effective diver communication.


Incorporates transducer and has 5 hours battery life.

Low battery alarm, flashed LED at approximately 20V.

Compact and easy to handle the device.

Lighter in weight, and has good connectivity.


Nominal Range: 91m voice,374m tone

Frequency Response:500Hz-4000Hz

Input voltage: 7amps max/24VDC

Audio Power: Recall and Tone: Voice, adjustable up to 132 Watts

Battery Life and Type: 5hours at 20% duty cycle, 2*12V 2.6 amp-hours


Commercial diving operations in the subsea oil & gas industry

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