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User-friendly Diver Communication Systems from Unique Group

Unique Group features an extensive portfolio of diver communication systems at competitive prices. Our team of engineering experts focuses on combining their expertise with modern technologies to develop unmatched general diving equipment. All diving life support systems are designed to meet global standards of safety and quality. Satisfying the demands of the customers is our main goal.

Under the diver communication category, the products we offer include a two-diver rechargeable basic portable communicator, a three-diver rechargeable portable communicator, one diver communicator with a rechargeable battery, a surface accessory kit, a buddy phone, and more. The two-diver rechargeable basic portable communicator has an international locking power cord and an outdoor power module. Divers mainly use it for different portable communication. It also finds use in geological and hydraulic surveys. The three-diver rechargeable portable communicator is suitable for commercial diving operations. The one-diver communicator with a rechargeable battery is ideal for hard-wire underwater radio communication. The surface accessory kit is designed to enhance the performance of the receiver in extreme environmental conditions.

Still, wondering why to opt for the diver communication systems of Unique Group? Go through the benefits listed below.

  • Compact Design: The communication systems have a compact design that makes it easy for the divers to handle them conveniently. 
  • Lightweight: The communication systems are light in weight. Divers can easily carry them to the site of operation. It also ensures good connectivity.
  • Charged while in Operation: Our communication system can be charged while they are in operation. It saves time and increases the battery life effectively.
  • Weatherproof Microphone: The three-diver rechargeable portable communicator comes with a weatherproof microphone for better voice clarity.

Need more details about our diver communication systems or require help in selecting the right equipment? Connect with our experienced engineers and get all your queries answered properly.