Interspiro MKII-BUD: AGA Mask, Buddy Phone
Interspiro MKII-BUD: AGA Mask, Buddy Phone
Diving + Life Support

Interspiro MKII-BUD: AGA Mask, Buddy Phone

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Unique Group offers the Interspiro MKII-BUD: AGA Mask Buddy Phone, a unique communication device that maintains effective diver communication.


Incorporates transducer and has 5 hours battery life.

Low battery alarm, flashed LED at approximately 20V.

Compact and easy to handle the device.

Lighter in weight, and has good connectivity


Weight in Air: 229.64g

Nominal Range: 50m – 500m depending on sea conditions and noise levels

Reference Frequency: 32.768kHz upper single sideband

Audio Bandwidth: 300Hz – 3000Hz

Automatic Gain Control: Greater than 80 dB.

Earphone: Ceramic with dynamic depth compensation


Commercial diving operations in the subsea oil & gas industry

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