RX-100: Buddy Phone
RX-100: Buddy Phone
Diving + Life Support

RX-100: Buddy Phone


Unique Group’s RX-100 Buddy Phone is designed to work with both normal ‘S’ band commercial maritime VHF systems and military L band radar systems. The device allows divers to use it while wearing wet suits without fear of harming it.


The RX-100B is a fully automatic buddy phone for scuba diving, with airtime of up to 200 minutes.

It has a built-in transmitter, crystal controlled 32.768 kHz, co-compensated ceramic transducers, and dynamic depth equalisation above 80 dB.

It can be used up to 40 metres below the surface of the sea.

The Buddy Phone RX-100 is a lightweight, waterproof phone with a built-in speaker phone.

Features volume controls, automatic gain control, and AGC circuitry to maintain clarity of reception in high noise environments such as surf zones, boat wakes, and strong currents.


Weight in Air: 198.45g

Nominal Range: 50m – 500m depending on sea conditions and noise levels

Reference Frequency: 32.768kHz upper single sideband

Audio Bandwidth: 300Hz – 3000Hz

Automatic Gain Control: Greater than 80 dB


Effective diver communication with underwater locator beacons.

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