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High-Quality Masks + Helmets from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a complete range of masks + helmets for divers at sea. We are committed to developing top-quality personal diving equipment to enhance the safety of divers during subsea endeavors. The general diving equipment is designed with special attention to safety features. Satisfying our customers with reliable diving life support equipment is the main goal of our engineers. 

Under this category, we offer products like a full face mask divator, diving helmet, full face mask, half mask, and full face space mask. The low volume visor of the full face mask divator helps in lowering the positive buoyancy generated inside the mask. On the other hand, the low volume dead space lowers the re-inhalation of carbon dioxide. The diving helmet comes with a stainless steel shell, stainless steel side block, bent tube, handle, helmet ring, and other components. It is ideal for commercial diving operations. The half masks can be used by the divers as backup masks. The full face space mask is ideal for spear fishermen and experienced divers.

Still wondering why to choose the masks + helmets of Unique Group? Go through the top reasons listed below.

  • Excellent Performance: The full face mask divator can perform optimally under the most extreme conditions like oil, mud, and fast flowing cold currents. 
  • Enhanced Communication: The full face mask divator comes with enhanced communication capabilities owing to its airflow design that helps in lowering the turbulence noise.
  • Easy Maintenance: The masks are easy to clean and maintain. The full face space mask has a scratch-resistant visor and is durable.
  •  Affordable: We offer our diving products at competitive prices to ensure easy accessibility by divers.

Need a quote or want more information about our masks + helmets for personal or commercial diving? Connect with our engineers right away and get the desired information.