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Durable CCTV Solution and Cameras from Unique Group for Clear Images

Unique Group offers a comprehensive range of CCTV solutions and cameras to enhance the safety of people and facilities. Being in the industry for years, we have evolved as a global provider of top-notch survey equipment at affordable prices. The deep domain expertise of our experienced engineers allows us to deliver completely marker-driven innovative products.

Under the CCTV solution and cameras category, we offer products like AngelEye LifeGuard: Drowning Detection System and Hernis: CCTV Solutions. The drowning detection system maximises the safety performance of the swimming pools and protects the pool users. It helps in monitoring the activities of the pool users and alerts the lifeguards via a video surveillance system to provide immediate help to people in case of an emergency. The CCTV solutions are designed to function reliably and safely in physically demanding and extremely corrosive environments.

The merchant marine solutions of Unique Group are the best in the industry. Wondering why? Go through the benefits listed below.

  • Latest Technology: Our surface vessel equipment is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure greater performance. 
  • New Gen Modular Architecture: The CCTV cameras come with new generation modular architecture. It provides users with multi-system access capabilities.
  • Diverse Applications: Our CCTV solution and cameras find use in diverse applications like onshore production facilities, offshore and onshore drilling facilities, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, residential complexes, petrochemical plants, and offshore production terminals. 
  • Real-time Location Sharing: The drowning detection system can provide an image of the danger along with the real-time location. It helps in speeding up rescue operations.

At Unique Group, we have a team of CCTV solution specialists who have expertise in the domain. We can help you select the right winches and deck equipment as per your needs. Do you want a quote for our CCTV solutions? Connect with our experts today!