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Winches + Deck Equipment – Advanced Solutions for Marine Operations from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a wide range of winches and deck equipment for different marine operations. From electric winches and ballast water management systems to drowning detection systems and scrubber systems, our products are designed to provide reliability, efficiency, and safety in a variety of marine environments. With a focus on innovation and quality, Unique Group’s Winches + Deck Equipment is trusted by professionals in the marine industry around the world.

Our winches and deck equipment include cable counting sheaves, cables, single-phase winches, merchant marine solutions, three-phase winches, and tether winches. Some of the bestselling products in our Winches + Deck Equipment category include A.G.O. CMW-2: 3 Phase Electric Winch (3.75kW), AngelEye LifeGuard: Drowning Detection System, Bawat: Portable Ballast Water Management System, Bluesoul: I-Line Open Loop Scrubber System, Bluesoul: U-Line Hybrid Ready Scrubber System, Bluesoul: U-Line Scrubber System, and more.

Unique Group winches and deck equipment are the best in the industry for a bewildering array of reasons. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • High-quality winches: Our electric winches are designed to provide reliable performance in a range of marine applications. With features like 3-phase power and high torque, they offer the power and efficiency needed for demanding operations.
  • Advanced safety systems: Our drowning detection system, AngelEye LifeGuard, is an innovative solution for improving safety in swimming pools and other aquatic environments. It uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to detect potential drowning incidents, alerting lifeguards and other responders to take action quickly.
  • Environmentally friendly solutions: Unique Group’s range of ballast water management systems and scrubber systems are designed to help reduce the environmental impact of marine operations. These systems help to prevent the spread of invasive species and reduce air pollution while maintaining the efficiency and safety of marine operations.

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