Bluesoul: I-Line Open Loop Scrubber System
Bluesoul: I-Line Open Loop Scrubber System
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Bluesoul: I-Line Open Loop Scrubber System


Unique Group in partnership with Bluesoul designs and manufactures I-Line Open Loop Scrubber System. It is an easy-to-install open loop scrubber system that aids in cleaning exhaust gases released from the ship.


It has less CapEx and OpEX, in comparison to the hybrid systems.

Works in most sea areas.

Easy to operate and maintain.

Quick to design and install.

Can be used in conjunction with fast “plug and play” fuel switch over systems at zero discharge areas.

High energy consumption due to large seawater pumps.

Cannot operate in zero discharge areas.


The system can be customised and built according to client vessel requirements and IMO regulations.


Container Ships

Bulk Carrier

Tanker Ships

Passenger Ships

Naval Ships

Offshore Ships

Special Purpose Ships

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