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Efficient Exhaust Gas Scrubber Solutions from Unique Group

Unique Group offers high-performing exhaust gas scrubber solutions for diverse applications. We specialise in providing tailored surface vessel equipment for explorers around the globe. Our core aim is to develop the right tools that enable explorers and surveyors to explore the new depths of the challenging, mystery-laden oceans and seas. We invest in the best-in-class technologies to manufacture winches and deck equipment for top-notch performance.

The products we provide in this category include an inline scrubber system, an I-line hybrid ready scrubber system, an I-line open loop scrubber system, a U-line scrubber system, and more. All our exhaust gas scrubber solutions are suitable for applications like naval ships, container ships, special purpose ships, passenger ships, bulk carriers, and offshore ships. The equipment helps in eliminating harmful SOx from among the exhaust gases. They can function well in freshwater and sea areas. The main objective is to improve the safety of marine life. 

Still, wondering what makes the exhaust gas scrubber solutions of Unique Group the best? Here you go!

  • IMO Compliant: All the exhaust gas scrubber solutions are designed and developed according to the IMO guidelines.
  • Easy Installation: The exhaust gas scrubbers are narrow and tall. They can easily be installed by the operators in less time and with minimal effort.
  • Customization Option: The exhaust gas scrubbers can be customised and built as per the specific vessel requirements of the users. 
  • Easy Operation: The operation of these systems is also simple and easy. The systems can even be maintained in a hassle-free manner.

At Unique Group, we have a team of exhaust gas scrubber specialists who have in-depth knowledge and experience in the domain. Need more information about our merchant marine solutions or exhaust gas scrubber solutions? Connect with us right away and get all the necessary information to make the right choice.