Bluesoul: I-Line Hybrid Ready Scrubber System
Bluesoul: I-Line Hybrid Ready Scrubber System
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Bluesoul: I-Line Hybrid Ready Scrubber System


Unique Group in partnership with Bluesoul designs and manufactures I-Line Hybrid Ready Exhaust Gas Scrubbers. These scrubbers are lightweight and can be customised to fit your vessel to ensure no cargo loss. Designed in accordance with ASME U code and fully compliant with IMO, it treats exhaust gases by eliminating harmful SOx on-voyage.


It can be operated in both open and close loop configurations.

Works in all sea, freshwater and zero discharge areas

No fuel change over system required

Cheaper in CapEX and OpEX than a hybrid system

Requires complex control systems


Narrow and tall – small footprint, easier to install-

At least 20 % higher energy consumption and OpEX than for an U-line scrubber

Possible operation limitations at SECAs

Maintenance issues with a single main engine

IMO Compliant


Container Ships

Bulk Carrier

Tanker Ships

Passenger Ships

Naval Ships

Offshore Ships

Special Purpose Ships

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