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High-quality Streamer Hydrophones for Sub-bottom profiling from Unique Group

At Unique Group, we specialize in offering a wide array of survey equipment for sub-bottom profiling, including hydrophones. Our hydrophones can be used for geophysical surveys by professionals who need accurate survey data for their marine projects. Our flagship product, Applied Acoustic: Streamer Hydrophones are supplied with connectors and pre-amplifiers for standard seismic acquisition systems. They are filled with silicon for enhancing their neutral buoyancy attributes and are supplied with a 50m tow leader.

Our range of hydrophones can be used with either boomer systems or sparkers and a digital acquisition system for seismic acquisition. They are designed in compliance with standard models and are customized with different group elements. In addition, the acoustic streamer hydrophones also have medium and low-frequency versions according to the demands of our customers. Still, wondering what makes our hydrophones best? Dive in to find out!

  • High-Quality Sub-Bottom Profiling: Our Streamer Hydrophones provide high-quality sub-bottom profiling results. They are highly sensitive and can detect even the smallest acoustic signals, ensuring that professionals can gather accurate data about the sub-seafloor. Our hydrophones are ideal for different applications, including site surveys, pipeline route surveys, and geohazard assessments.
  • Easy to Use: Our Streamer Hydrophones are easy to use and can be deployed quickly. They work seamlessly with our range of seismic energy sources, ensuring that professionals can set up their equipment quickly and efficiently.
  • Reliable and Safe: At Unique Group, we understand the importance of safety and reliability when it comes to surveying equipment. Our Streamer Hydrophones are safe and reliable, with features such as rugged construction and a waterproof design. They can also withstand harsh marine environments, ensuring effortless functioning in different conditions.

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