Kirby Morgan 37: Diving Helmet
Kirby Morgan 37: Diving Helmet
Diving + Life Support

Kirby Morgan 37: Diving Helmet


Unique Group offers the Kirby Morgan 37 which is one of the most popular designs in the world. It is considered the standard of the commercial diving industry. Choose this helmet if you want a rugged diving helmet with a traditional design.


Air Train that diffuses incoming breathing air/gas onto the face port/lens to defog and ventilate.

Defogging Steady Flow Valve provides an additional flow of gas into the helmet for ventilation and defogging.

Emergency (EGS) Valve to supply backup breathing gas to the diver.

Its helmet shell is light and highly impact resistant, and provides a heat/cold barrier as well as being an excellent electrical nonconductor.

Nose Block Device to allow the diver to block the nose to equalize ears.


Weight: 32.6 pounds

Helmet Shell: Fiberglass, polyester resin, polyester gel coat, and carbon fibers

Control Knobs: Polyurethane

Face Port/Lens: Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate

Neck Dam: Neoprene. Optional latex neck dam available


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