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High-Quality Personal Diving Equipment from Unique Group

Unique Group understands divers’ growing interest in exploring the mystery-laden world of the seas and oceans. We provide a complete range of personal diving equipment to make subsea explorations easier. Our general diving equipment is developed by experienced engineers who have wealth of knowledge in the industry. The diving life support systems are designed to meet customers’ specific needs and ensure optimum satisfaction.

Our personal diving equipment range include a buoyancy compensator, diver knife long blade, full face mask divator, diving helmet, full face mask, and more. The buoyancy compensator is made up of soft-weave neoprene pads and is ideal for technical diving and spearfishing applications. The diver knife is composed of high-quality stainless steel and is suitable for cutting wires, ropes, and lines. It can easily cut nets and fishing lines. The diving helmet has a traditional design and is used for commercial diving applications. The full face mask is designed for surface-supplied commercial and scuba diving operations.

Still wondering what makes the personal diving equipment of Unique Group the best? Consider the benefits listed below.

  • Adjustable: The personal diving equipment can be easily adjusted to perfectly fit different individuals. The core aim is to ensure the optimum comfort of the divers.
  • Excellent Performance: The full face mask divator can perform optimally under the most extreme conditions including, fast flowing cold conditions, mud, and even oil.
  • Lightweight: Our personal diving equipment has a lightweight design. The equipment can easily be carried or worn by the divers during subsea endeavors.
  • Easy to Use: All personal diving equipment has simple functionality and is easy to use. 

Need a quote or more information about our personal diving equipment range? Connect with our experienced engineers to gain more insights and detailed information relating to our products.