Green River: Diver Knife Short Blade Sheath
Green River: Diver Knife Short Blade Sheath
Diving + Life Support

Green River: Diver Knife Short Blade Sheath

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Unique Group provides Green River Divers Knife, a 17 cm commercial diver’s knife that includes short blade sheath. Trusted by many divers, this instrument is easy to use.


Extremely tough lightweight instrument

Has a high visibility sheath

The safety lanyard provides 150% expandability of its total length

Easy and safe to attach sheath


Weight: 80mm

Size: 17 cm

Material: Stainless Steel Carabiner


Used by the deep sea divers and rigger industry, to cut the elements under the sea.

Effectively used by marine engineers while construction and surveyors to cut the hard particles in the depth of the sea.

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