Kirby Morgan M-48 SuperMask®: Full Face Mask
Kirby Morgan M-48 SuperMask®: Full Face Mask
Diving + Life Support

Kirby Morgan M-48 SuperMask®: Full Face Mask


Unique Group supplies this patented Kirby Morgan SuperMask that is a lightweight modular full face mask allowing for easy and rapid adaptation to various self-contained underwater breathing apparatuses as well as surface-supplied systems.


Lightweight and modular

Components made up of high-impact plastic

A face seal made of the highest quality silicone conforming to the diver’s face.

A modular removable mouth pod designed to quickly interchange allowing the diver multiple breathing gas options.

Designed to accept various wireless communications configurations.


Weight: 2.27 Pounds

Mask Frame: High Performance/Impact Engineering Thermoplastic

Lens: Tempered Glass

O-Rings: Buna-N

Fully CE marked with Kirby Morgan SuperFlow® Plastic Adjustable 2nd Stage Regulator Ref. 805-120.


Surface-supplied commercial diving operations

Scuba diving

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