Ocean Reef: Full Face Space Mask
Ocean Reef: Full Face Space Mask
Diving + Life Support

Ocean Reef: Full Face Space Mask


Unique Group supplies the Ocean Reef Space Mask which is CE Certified in accordance with directive 89/689/EEC under UNI EN250 for underwater activities including low temperatures. It has a reduced internal volume and therefore low positive buoyancy. The visible light transfer of the visor at 92% delivers an improved visual field.


Integrated Balanced Regulator

Durable, scratch-resistant visor

Patented 3-D equalisation system

Quick release system

Integrated surface air valve


Size: S/M, M/L

Color: black

Intermediate pressure of the regulator set up at 50/60 PSI


Ultimate mask for experienced divers and spear fishermen.

For commercial diving operations requiring a wider field of view

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