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High-Quality Cylinders and Gas Banks from Unique Group

Unique Group excels in providing a wide range of top-quality and reliable cylinders and gas banks at competitive prices. We are dedicated to delivering customers the best general diving equipment that meets the highest safety standards. Our experienced engineers understand the requirements of the customers and develop the products accordingly. The use of the latest technologies allows us to provide top-notch diving life support equipment to customers. 

Our cylinders and gas banks product range include 50-liter cylinders, DNV gas banks, gas banks, and gas Kelly tubes & banks. The 50-liter steel cylinders find wide use in commercial diving applications. Based on the specific application, the cylinders are painted. The DNV gas banks can be supplied to the customers with 1 or 2 inlets and 1 or 2 outlet configurations. It is also ideal for commercial diving operations. The gas banks come with a valve protection grating, galvanized steel frame, and purpose-built manifolds.  

The cylinders and gas banks of Unique Group are the best for a reason. Below are few of the many benefits:

  • High-Quality: We guarantee the delivery of high-quality products to our customers. For the development of general diving equipment, top-quality materials, and components are used. 
  • Leak Integrity Guaranteed: Leak integrity is guaranteed for our gas banks. You need not worry about the leakage of gas during the explorations.
  • Affordable: All our products are provided at competitive prices. We focus on making our equipment easily available to surveyors and explorers.
  • Customer Support: Unique Group has a team of experienced diving equipment specialists who are committed to helping customers in making the right choice. They answer all the queries of the customers and enable them to understand the products better.

Need more information about our cylinders and gas banks, or our diving + life support solution? Connect with our engineers today and discuss your needs.