UG: 50 Litre Cylinders
UG: 50 Litre Cylinders
Diving + Life Support

UG: 50 Litre Cylinders


Unique Group offers 50 litre steel cylinders, which supplied oxygen clean but are not stamped for oxygen. The cylinders are painted to suit the application.


The cylinders are painted according to the application

Has a valve outlet BS 341 No. 3 (Bullnose).

Valve thread is 25E


Diameter X Height: 229 mm x 1460 mm

The DNV 50 Litre 300 bar, steel DNV certificate is D-GB-411

The 50 litre 200 bar, Nitrox/Air is D-GB-413

The 50 Litre 200 Bar, Heliox is D-GB-414

The Single 50 Litre 200 bar steel cylinder for oxygen is D-GB-415


Used in commercial diving applications

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