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Reliable Lighting Solutions from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a complete range of lighting products and solutions for a variety of subsea applications. All the visual inspection equipments are designed with special attention to quality and performance. We leverage modern technologies to provide exceptional solutions to customers.

The lighting solutions we offer include subsea light, LED light, strobe light, LED flood light, underwater lamp, diver LED light, and halogen underwater lamp. Subsea lights are popularly used for magnetic particle inspection and dye-based leak detection. The strobe lights are suitable for subsea inspection and various marine applications. On the other hand, LED floodlights are ideal for subsea projects, diving operations, and ROV projects. 

The underwater lamp under our lighting product category is helpful for subsea observation tasks and underwater video inspection. The diver LED light proves to be a perfect choice for the marine and diving industry. Each of the inspection repair and maintenance products comes with unique features, making them suitable for specific applications. 

Still, wondering why to opt for our lighting products? Consider the benefits listed below. 

  • High-Quality: You can always trust Unique Group for the delivery of top-notch lighting products for subsea operations.
  • Reliable: All the survey equipment we deliver are reliable and durable. They are safe to use in diverse environments. 
  • Affordable: Our products are available to customers at competitive prices. We ensure that the operators can easily avail of our products for their different jobs.
  • Quick Service: Our team of professionals provides fast service to the customers. The main aim is to satisfy the customers to the core. 

We are always ready to assist you with your lighting solution requirements. Want to know more about the lighting products offered by Unique Group? Connect with our professionals right away and get all your queries answered. Get the best products at affordable prices.