Visual Inspection



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Versatile Visual Inspection Equipment from Unique Group for Successful Surveys

Unique Group offers a wide range of visual inspection equipment for diverse surveys. All our inspection repair and maintenance equipment are thoughtfully designed for professional use. Our products provide maximum flexibility, control, and convenience to the operators. The core aim is to deliver easy-to-use survey equipment that allows users to capture the underwater environment with great clarity. 

Under the visual inspection equipment category, we have a lot of products to offer. It includes underwater cinematography drones, remotely operated vehicles, Subsea lights, ultrasonic hatch leak detectors, strobe lights, LED lights, underwater digital stills cameras, underwater flashguns, underwater lamps, colour zoom cameras, digital video recorders, and more. The different equipment finds application in underwater filmmaking, professional cinematography, search and rescue mission, submerged asset inspection, and offshore survey. All the products come with unique features and capabilities to suit different purposes.

Still, wondering what makes Unique Group the ideal choice for visual inspection equipment? Consider the key benefits of opting for our equipment.

  • High-Quality: Quality is at the core of all the products we deliver. We are well-known in the industry for providing superior products to customers.
  • Convenience: Our products do not have complex functionality and are easy to use. They can be deployed at the site in a few minutes.
  • Cost-Effective: The products are available at highly competitive prices. The maintenance cost of the equipment is also low.
  • Diverse Applications: The equipment is ideal for use in diverse areas like cinematography, search and rescue missions, and surveys.

Unique Group has a team of professionals who are always ready to assist customers with their unique needs and answer all their queries. They can also help you in selecting the right equipment as per your specific requirements. Want to know more about visual inspection equipment? Contact our dedicated professionals today and get the required details.