DeepSea: IP Optim SeaCam®
DeepSea: IP Optim SeaCam®
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DeepSea: IP Optim SeaCam®


The IP Optim SeaCam® provides a unique tool for scientists, subsea explorers, and filmmakers combining superb 4K imaging capability with familiar controls, onboard recording, flexible integration options, and an extremely rugged design.


Features an extended zoom range and a 350mm minimum object distance at full telephoto that makes for stunning close-up images and brings out the smallest details.

Familiar VISCA controls make the Optim an obvious upgrade path from legacy HD systems while being sized to fit almost any platform from medium inspection class vehicles to large manned submersibles.

Extremely rugged design


Video format: 6G-SDI, 2160p29.97

Depth rating: 6km, 11km Option

Whether used for streaming live video over an Ethernet network or capturing directly to the up to 1 TB onboard memory, this camera can serve multiple mission functions and provide high quality 4K imagery using existing telemetry infrastructure.


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