Kongsberg OE14-110: CCD Colour Camera
Kongsberg OE14-110: CCD Colour Camera
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Kongsberg OE14-110: CCD Colour Camera


The Kongsberg Maritime OE14-110 (PAL) and OE14-111 (NTSC) Low Cost Mini Colour Camera utilises the latest solid state sensor technology to provide a cost effective, miniature colour camera with excellent light sensitivity and image definition. The units are robustly constructed with a tough marine grade aluminium alloy pressure housing rated to 3,000 msw operation as standard.


Robustly constructed

Alternative housing materials and depth ratings are also available

Auto shuttering, together with a wide AGC range give excellent light compensation at minimum cost.

The lack of any moving parts and robust construction makes the camera extremely resistant to shock and vibration.


Horizontal Resolution: 460 TVL/PH (OE14-110), 470 TVL/PH (OE14-111)

Light Sensitivity : 100 mV video at 15 x 10-3 lux faceplate, 350mV video at 70 x 10-3 lux faceplate

Minimum Scene Illumination: 1 lux

Signal to Noise Ratio: >52 dB (weighted)

Operating Depth: 3,000 msw (other depth rated housing options are available)


Suited for ROV manipulation

ROV Tooling applications

General Observation

Diver operations

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